Art Concept Understood

Imagine the pride that swelled within me as 6-year-old Hando drew complementary colored ninjas!


Toasty Tomatoes

Last weekend was the U.E.A. fall break, during which I roasted eight baking dishes worth of tomatoes. Talk about tasty!



Nearly two weeks ago, there was an enormous landslide in Cedar Canyon, S.R. 14. Here's the article released about an hour ago regarding the road closure.


Miss, not Misses!

This is a phrase I wear out by the end of every school day, as I am incorrectly referred to by most of my students as "Mrs. Montoya." I respond with, "Mrs. Montoya is my mom," which is startling news to them. Usually one know-it-all child will perk up and explain that I am not married, and am, therefore, not a "misses." There have been some great statements following the clarification.
  • (hand on hip) "Why aren't you married? You really should get married."
  • "Will you ever get married?" "I hope to, one day." "Oh. When will that be?" "When I am in love with someone." "Oh. When will that be?"
  • "You're not married?! But you're tall!"